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The Second International Youth Forum on Soil and Water Conservation (2nd IYFSWC)

Lomonosov Moscow state University
27/Aug/2017 to 31/Aug/2017
Soil Science in a Changing World

Wageningen University & Research would like to invite you to the third edition of the Wageningen Soil Conference (WSC), to continue work on identifying actions for soil-based solutions that help achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to initiate programs that aim at a lasting increase in soil organic carbon, and to develop narratives on soil-based solutions that are convincing to policy makers and other stakeholders

Wageningen University & Research
27/Aug/2017 to 31/Aug/2017
The 15th EAAE Congress "Towards Sustainable Agri-Food Systems: Balancing between Markets and Society"

This triennial event will gather academics, scholars, practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers in the Food Valley to dissect the latest and most pressing issues characterising Agriculture and the Food Industry, from a local to an international perspective, dedicating significant attention also to novel and emerging concerns for society

28/Aug/2017 to 01/Sep/2017
15th International Conference on Environmental Science And Technology

University of the Aegean (Greece)
31/Aug/2017 to 02/Sep/2017
Degradation and Revitalisation of Soil and Landscape

In recent decades the threat to soil has become a serious problem worldwide, and many international efforts draw attention to the importance of awareness of this threat and adequate prevention. The year 2015 can be remembered as International Year of Soils, which was then extended until 2024 as International Decade of Soils. These, and other activities lead to a spread of information on soils, their importance, both productive and non-productive, and the fact that the state of our soils is not good, and a remedial solution must be found. This is the aim of the conference being prepared in cooperation with the soil science societies of V4 countries and government ministries, in order to identify the problems and, especially to seek measures to improve the situation. The conference is not intended exclusively for specialists from Central European countries. We look forward to wider international participation by colleagues from academic circles, governing bodies, and practitioners, with the aim of sharing the latest scientific and practical knowledge leading towards protection and improvement of the condition of the irreplaceable natural wealth that soil represents.

In this vein, the scientific committee has divided the programme into three blocks, from the description of individual degradation influences and methods to evaluate them, to the proposal and effectiveness of corrective measures. After the conference abstract proceedings will be issued, covering both the presentation and poster sections. During the conference members of the scientific committee will also select several innovative scientific contributions and make recommendations to their authors for inclusion in the magazines Soil and Water Research, Agriculture, Agrokémia és Talajtan and Soil Science Annual. The conference will include excursions, one of which will focus on the issues of agricultural soils, while the other will deal with forest soils. Anyone interested in gaining an understanding of the issues in-situ is also invited to take part in two pre-conference tours, which are being prepared in Hungary and Poland by local branches of national soil societies.

Czech Society of Soil Science
Czech Republic
11/Sep/2017 to 13/Sep/2017

13/Sep/2017 to 15/Sep/2017
The International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference 2017

The International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference will be held in 2017 under the theme, Adaptation and Evolution in Ecological Modelling: Linking Society and Academic Approaches in Disturbance and Disaster Management.

This global conference is the 21st biennial conference of the The International Society for Ecological Modelling (ISEM) and looks to bring together scientists from all professions and applications that deal with the use of ecological models and systems ecology.

South Korea
17/Sep/2017 to 21/Sep/2017
125 Years of IUFRO - Anniversary Congress:Interconnecting Forests, Science and People

Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg
19/Sep/2017 to 22/Sep/2017

RemTech Expo and RemTech Europe, asserts itself as the most qualified event in the field of contaminated sites remediation in Italy and as a precise, always dynamic and interactive point of reference, where knowledge sharing becomes strategic to support the exhibition companies, first of all, and the entire remediation community. Promote technologically advanced solutions, pinpoint the partners of excellence, pave the way to the new emerging markets both on the national and the international stage, bring up the best and the most expert operators, share the virtuous experiences are the purposes of the exhibition. The strong points that make RemTech and its Special sections an innovative event are the capacity to combine the exhibition of ideas, products, projects and solutions with occasions dedicated to in-depth analyses, exchange, encounter between supply and demand.

20/Sep/2017 to 22/Sep/2017
8th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture, Food & Environment

The Conference is organized by the Hellenic Association for Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture, Food and Environment (HAICTA) and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh) in cooperation with a number of associated academic Institutions. HAICTA is the Greek Branch of the European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture (EFITA). It has organized until now a series of successful international conferences.

21/Sep/2017 to 24/Sep/2017
7th International Symposium of Ecologists, Montenegro

University of Montenegro Montenegro
04/Oct/2017 to 10/Oct/2017
VIII International Agriculture Symposium "AGROSYM 2017"

AGROSYM is, since eight years, an annual platform for international scientific discussion on agriculture, food, rural development, environment and forestry. AGROSYM represents a good opportunity to exchange ideas, to strengthen existing and to create new academic networks, and to foster dialogue between the academia, public institutions, the private sector and civil society organizations on the recent global and regional trends in the agro-food sector. Multidisciplinary results reported during AGROSYM will contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and good practices to all actors of the agrofood chain (e.g. farmers, extension agents, researchers, policy makers) as well as the general public about the importance of agriculture and food science, one of the most important strategic areas of many national research strategies. The 7th edition of the International Agriculture Symposium “AGROSYM 2016” made an important contribution to the agriculture practice in different areas. During the four-day Symposium (6-9 October, 2016), over 1100 contributions were presented to more than 1000 participants representing 78 world countries:

Agrosym , University of East Sarajevo Faculty of Agriculture Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
05/Oct/2017 to 08/Oct/2017
9th International Workshop on Chemical Bioavailability in the Terrestrial Environment
05/Nov/2017 to 08/Nov/2017
13th Soil and plant analysis and fertilization management conferenc

08/Nov/2017 to 09/Nov/2017
TERRA Envision

Our Planet suffers from human activities. As scientists we know more and more about our environment, about processes, rates of change, new threats and risks. However, the challenges seem to grow quicker than the solutions we can create. This conference aims to focus on the scientific research towards finding solutions for the societal issues of our time. TERRAENVISION promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and networking. To bring scientists and stakeholders that have the same goal, work on the same societal issue, but have different scientific backgrounds. By bringing the people and their knowledge together, we may be able to take the steps towards solutions that can bring our society to a more sustainable situation. In this conference we want to link to International policies such as the sustainable Development Goals, the UN Climate conventions, CAP and COP.

TERRA Envision
29/Jan/2018 to 01/Feb/2018