Presentations at the first ESP Plenary (21-22 May 2014) + Presentations and minutes of EIONET NRC Soil 2014 (23 May)

Presentations 1st Day (21 May 2014)


  • Opening, Maria Betti, EC DG-JRC
  • Opening, Pia Bucella, DG ENV
  • Andrus Meiner, EEA
  • Opening, Ronald Vargas, FAO
  • Jes Weigelt, IASS, Chair ESP

European Soil Partnership Meeting – A Roadmap Introduction of the five pillars of action of the ESP

Soil Management in Europe: Challenges & Opportunities

Towards European Policies on the Sustainable Management of Soil Resources

Presentations 2nd Day (22 May 2014)

Promote Targeted Soil Research

Soil Data and Information

Harmonization of methods and measurements

EIONET Meeting (23 May 2014)

Agenda of the EIONET NRC Soil Meeting 2014

 Presentations during the Meeting:

Minutes of the EIONET NRC Soil Meeting 2014