Climate Change Regional Indicators of Change and Extremes for Europe

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Title: Indices of Change and Extremes from Regional Climate Change Data 
Description: Indicators of climate change and extremes from regional models coming from 3 sources: PRUDENCE project of the Danish Meteorological Institute, consortial simulation of the Climate Limited-area Modelling (CLM) Community, 12 runs of bias-corrected data from the ENSEMBLES project. Datasets refer to Temperature, Precipitation, Precipitation intensity, Relative Humidity, Aridity Index, HUMIDEX, Heat wave plus statistical indicators such as Min, Max, Percentiles and Standard deviation.  
Spatial coverage: Europe 
Pixel size: 10 km 
Format: Raster (IDRISI) 
Projection: ETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area 
Release date: 5 April 2013

Information about the data: Climate Change Regional Indicators of Change and Extremes.

Data avaialble:

Mean Daily temperature
Maximum daily temperature    
Minimum daily temperature
Daily diurnal temperature range
Total precipitation
Precipitation intensity on wet days
Longest period of consecutive dry days
Maximum amount of precipitation in 5 consecutive days
Relative Humidity
Aridity Index
5th percentile of monthly mean of maximum daily temperature                
99th percentile of monthly mean of maximum daily temperature                
99th percentile of precipitation during wet day      
No. of days with Tmax>25C (Summer days)    
No. of days with Tmax>35C      
No. of Days with Tmin>20C (Tropical nights)
No. of Days with Tmin>25C    
Total annual number of wet days
Heating Degree Days    
Cooling Degree Days    
HUMIDEX > 25          
HUMIDEX > 35          
Heat Wave


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