ESDAC Themes

In this section, you can find data and information related to the 8 threats to soil as identified in the European Soil Thematic Strategy [Communication (COM(2006) 231)]: Soil Erosion, Soil Organic Carbon Content Decline, Soil Compaction, Soil Salinisation, Soil Sealing, Soil Contamination, Soil Biodiversity and Landslides. For each of them, you can find references to data, studies, maps, documentation and services. Additional information is also available for pH, Soil Hydraulic Properties and soil sampling.

Erosion by water
Soil Organic Carbon Content
Wind Erosion
Harvest Erosion
Soil Compaction
Soil Salinization
Soil Biodiversity
Soil Sealing
Soil Contamination
Soil pH
Soil Hydraulic Properties
Soil Sampling
Integrated Soil Modelling