Global Soil Erosion

Global Soil Erosion is a re-sampled dataset (25km) of the original Global Soil Erosion map. Both the 2012 and 2001 datasets are provided. The data package includes also the input layers (K, LS, R, C) at 25km resolution and a sample area (in Amazon rainforest) at the original resolution of 250m
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Title: Global Soil Erosion Modelling platform (GloSEM)
Description: This map provides an assessment of global soil erosion for 2012 and 2001. We used the 250m original data to re-sample at 25km.  In this study 202 countries are included with more than 125 millionKm2. The total soil loss has been estimated to 35 Pg yr-1 of soil eroded in 2001. The estimates are lower compared to past studies in 2012, 35.9 Pg yr-1 - Increase of 2.5% in soil erosion globally (due to land use change).
Spatial coverage: World (125 million Km2 - c.a 84% of the earht surface)
Pixel size: 25km.
Measurement Unit: t ha-1 yr-1
Projection: GCS_WGS_1984
Temporal coverage:  2012 and 2001Pixel size: 25km.
More information: Global Soil Erosion


The Global Soil Erosion map (GeoTIFF format) at 25km resolution is available for free download in the European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC). This is based on the Verion 1.1 of the JRC/ UniBasel "RUSLE-based Global Soil Erosion Modelling platform (GloSEM)".The native resolution is ca. 250m and we provide an example of those data (at the equator marked with a rectangle).

Shared files are resampled to ca. 25km.
We provide two RUSLE outputs:
- RUSLE Soil loss in 2012 (25km resolution)
- RUSLE Soil loss in 2001 (25km resolution)

Note: For Research purposes, we start uploading some country datasets at the original resolution of 250m (avaialble: Vietnam).

In addition, we provide the 25km resolution resampled input datasets:
* R-factor (the original one at 1km can be downloaded from
* K-factor
* C-factor
* LS-factor

Four ArcMAP project files (.mxd) are provided: ver. 8.3, ver 9.0, ver 10.0 and ver 10.5.

An example of the high resolution 250m soil loss maps and their ability to detect anthropogenic disturbances is provided for comparison (location - Amazon rainforest, headwater of the Madeira River). This example show the "original" data at 250m modelled in this study. In case researchers/policy makers have specific requests with high priority or proposals for joint collaborations to develop new studies with the high resolution data, then please contact Panos Panagos / Pasquale Borrelli. However, we cannot ensure that we can cover the requests due to heavy workload.

Note: In case you use the data for applications in European Union, we recommend the European Soil Erosion dataset and the relevant K, LS, C, R, P factors.



Borrelli P., Robinson D.A., Fleischer L.R., Lugato E., Ballabio C., Alewell C., Meusburger K., Modugno, S., Schutt, B. Ferro, V. Bagarello, V. Van Oost, K., Montanarella, L., Panagos P. 2017. An assessment of the global impact of 21st century land use change on soil erosionNature Communications, 8 (1): art. no. 2013

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