Data from the 2009 LUCAS campaign soil component containing soil properties data (clay, silt and sand content, coarse fragments, pH, organic carbon content, CaCO3, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, cation exchane capacity) and multispectral absorbance data.
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Through this page you will be able to download the LUCAS_TOPSOIL data (soil properties data; multispectral reflectance data).

There are three download files.

  • LUCAS_TOPSOIL_v1: an Excel file that contains the geographical coordinates of the location where the data were sampled and for each location the values for a number of properties.
  • 2 Excel files containing data for Romania and Bulgaria, from the LUCAS 2012 campaign; (27/09/2019, important note: the values for nitrogen N are in mg/100g)
  • LUCAS_TOPSOIL_v1_spectral consists of a file that contains the multispectral absorbance data (formats available: RDATA and .csv)

(05/12/2018) For the convenience of the user, and based on the data that are in the files LUCAS_TOPSOIL_v1 and LUCAS_Romania_Bulgaria_2012, a package has been created that contains a number of shapefiles:

  • Shapefile SoilAttr_LUCAS2009: all 19969 LUCAS Topsoil 2009 points minus the 109 points for Malta and Cyprus, thus in total 19,860 points
  • Shapefile  SoilAttr_BG_RO: 2034 points for Romania and Bulgaria (part of 2012 LUCAS campaign)
  • Shapefile  SoilAttr_CYP_MLT: 109 points for Cyprus and Malta
  • Shapefile  SoilAttr_ICELAND: 65 points for Iceland

Please consult the readme file (inluded in the package) before using the data.

(27/09/2019) important notes:

  • the values for nitrogen N in the shapefile SoilAttr_LUCAS2009 have been erroneously rounded to integers, and therefore should not be considered to be valid;
  • the values for nitrogen N in the shapefile SoilAttr_BG_RO are in mg/100g, and therefore not comparable with N values of other countries;
  • the values for nitrogen N in the shapefile SoilAttr_ICELAND are in mg/kg, and therefore not comparable with N values of other countries;

These issues have been addressed in an updated version of the shapefiles, distributed as a new package with shapefiles on 03/10/2019.

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