OCTOP: Topsoil Organic Carbon Content for Europe

A 2004 GIS map of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) content (%) in the surface horizon of soils in Europe, associated to a JRC internal report.
Author - Contributors: 
Jones, R.J.A., Hiederer, R., Rusco, E., Loveland, P.J. and Montanarella, L.


Title: Organic Carbon Content In Topsoils In Europe (OCTOP)

Description: ESDAC makes available the Maps of Organic carbon content (%) in the surface horizon of soils in Europe

Resolution: 1km

Published: 2004

Format: The data are in ESRI GRID format and are available as an ASCII raster file or in native ESRI GRID format.

The result is available as a map and an explaining booklet:
 The Map of Organic Carbon Content In Topsoils In Europe: Version 1.2 September - 2003 (S.P.I.04.72) . Robert J.A. Jones, Roland Hiederer,Ezio Rusco, Peter J. Loveland and Luca Montanarella European Soil Bureau Research Report No.15, EUR 21209, 40pp. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg.

The data are freely availalbe; fill in the Request form.



Jones, R.J.A, R. Hiederer, E. Rusco, P.J. Loveland and L. Montanarella (2005). Estimating organic carbon in the soils of Europe for policy support. European Journal of Soil Science, October 2005, 56, p.655-671.


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