Soil GHG fluxes using LUCAS soil-DayCent (for EU)

Soil fluxes (CO2 and N2O ) under mitigation scenarios using the LUCAS soil-DayCent model integration framework
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Title: CO2 and N2O direct soil fluxes using the LUCAS-Daycent model framework
Description: Here we run the state-of-the-art biogeochemistry model DayCent on approximately 8,000 soil sampling locations, classified as arable, from the most extensive harmonized land use and soil inventory network for the EU (LUCAS survey). The model was driven by measured soil characteristics and complemented with updated datasets, including a RPC4.5 climate change scenario. Our main idea was to quantify the net soil GHG fluxes, simulating two representative mitigating practice options starting in 2016, in comparison with a baseline of current agricultural practices. The first scenario was an integrated crop residue retention and lower soil disturbance management (IRS) while, the second saw the introduction of N fixing cover crops incorporated before the successive main crop (CC), generally referred to as ‘green manure’.
Spatial Coverage: European Union 28 Member States
Time Reference:  2015-2010
Format: dbf
Projection: ETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area

Relaease date:  2/3/2018
More information: Soil Climate regulation
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