Soil profile analytical database 14 (SPADE 14)

Soil Profile Analytical Database 14 (SPADE 14) is based on the concept used in previous versions of SPADE (SPADE 1 and 8). It includes 1078 soil profile data from 28 countries.
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The existing Soil Profile Analytical Database (SPADE), a component of the Eurasian Soil Database (ESDB), has been updated to include estimated analytical data for the dominant soil units (STUs) of the 1:1.000.000 Soil Geographical database of Europe (i.e. not including Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine). This task was contracted out by the Joint Research Centre to the University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Prof. Henrik Breuning-Madsen, Prof. Thomas Balstrøm and M.Sc. Jeppe Aagaard Kristensen), in cooperation with stakeholders of various countries.

The results of this contract (a report and the corresponding data) are made available here. The data are presented as delivered by the contractors and do not carry any official status. Questions about the report and the data should be addressed to Mr. Arwyn Jones (

Among other attributes, the SPADE14 includes the following parameters: Depth, Horizon names, Bulk density, Carbon-to-Nitrogen ratio, Total carbonate, Gypsum, Cation exchange capacity, Electric conductivity, Exchangable calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium, Exchangable sodium percentage, Texture, Organic matter content, pH, Porosity, Structure, Water retention capacity.


Title: SPADE14
Description: 1078 soil profile data from 28 countries. 571 Soil profiles originate from SPADE8, 349 soil profiles from other countries and 158 profiles are new.
Resolution: not applicable; the data are tabular and linked to Soil Typological Units of the ESDB
Time Reference:  2014
Format: Excel tables organized per country. Estimated Profile and Horizon data (with attributes) linked to STUs from the SGDBE
Release Date: 8/5/2018

More information can be found in the Final Report SPADE14.The data providers in the contributing countries are also acknowledged.


Kristensen, J.A., Balstrøm, T., Jones, R.J., Jones, A., Montanarella, L., Panagos, P. and Breuning-Madsen, H., 2019. Development of a harmonised soil profile analytical database for Europe: a resource for supporting regional soil management. Soil, 5(2), pp.289-301.

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