Wageningen Soil Conference 2019 (WSC2019)


27/Aug/2019 to 30/Aug/2019




Wageningen University & Research i


August 27-30th, 2019, Wageningen, The Netherlands. Wageningen University & Research is delighted to invite you to join us at the 4th edition of the Wageningen Soil Conference. As in previous editions, the aim is to discuss the importance of soils. In the 2019 edition, the focus will be on “Understanding soil functions: from ped to planet”. To do this we will adopt a new style of conference, with traditional conference talks in the mornings, followed by a range of scientific and interactive topic masterclasses in the afternoons. Masterclasses will include a range of topics linking to four themes: 1) Soil functions for society; 2) Innovative methods for measuring soil functions; 3) Modelling & mapping of soil functions across scales; 4) Can we understand synergies and trade-offs between soil functions. We also invite you to offer to lead a course as part of this week. Finally, if you would like to plan a side event or meeting in the afternoon, we can provide you with th e venue. Get together with colleagues and discuss future project proposal ideas or have a project meeting, as part of the conference.

First Circular, plus Call for Masterclasses and more info are available at http://www.wur.eu/wageningensoilconference2019.