EIONET NRC Soil Meeting (15 October 2015) – EEA - Copenhagen (Denmark)

The 2015 EIONET NRC Soil meeting, co-organized by JRC and EEA, was held on 15 October 2015, at EEA in Copenhagen.

Agenda of the meeting.

Presentations during the meeting:

  • Jacques Delsalle (DG ENV): the recent EU land and soil activities (see pp. 1-19) 
  • Geertrui Louwagie (EEA): the main messages of the SOER 2015 and the follow-up .
  • Marc Van Liedekerke (DG JRC): the work done by JRC on the Soil Atlas of Europe 
  • Ana Payá Pérez (DG JRC) reported on the NRC ad-hoc Working group meetings on contaminated sites and brownfields, back-to-back with the NRC LUSP meeting 
  • Jacques Delsalle (DG ENV): the Commission study to analyse soil legislation and policy instruments.(see pp. 20-24) 
  • Geertrui Louwagie (EEA) presented the EEA Technical Report ‘Soil Resource efficiency in urbanised areas’ 
  • Andrus Meiner (EEA): the progress on the Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services (MAES) 
  • Jacques Delsalle (DG ENV): the MAES Soil pilot (see pp. 25-36) 
  • Tobias Langanke (EEA): the new indicator on imperviousness based on Copernicus Land Monitoring Services HRL 
  • Marc Van Liedekerke (DG JRC): the LUCAS-Soil 
  • Ana Payá Pérez (DG JRC): the soil activities in JRC WP 2015-2016 
  • Country presentations:
    • France (Véronique Antoni): the French contribution to the UN IYS 2015: booklet ‘Soil and Environment’ 
    • Czech Republic (Igor Jan Dvorak) presented an early warning system for flash floods. 
    • Austria (Martha Wepner-Banko): the application of the Copernicus data to mapping soil sealing in Austria 
    • Germany (Frank Glante): the work done on soil organic carbon 
  • Marc Van Liedekerke (DG JRC) presented the follow-up of the 6 action points from the Minutes of the last NRC Soil Meeting in Ispra, May 2014 
Minutes of the meeting. (updated 26/11/2015)

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