ESBN Plenary 2004

During the 24th, 25th and 26 th November 2004 the Plenary session of the European Soil Bureau Network was held in JRC, Ispra, Italy.


Time Presentation Title Speaker
14:00 Update on work of existing WGs and projects: SINFO
C. Le Bas
N. Filippi
R. Jones
P. Zdruli
A. Arnoldussen
V. Stolbovoy
Van Ranst
15:00 Proposals for joint ESBN / JRC / EEA work programme J. Fons (EEA)
15:20 Proposal of items for ESBN work programme D. Magaldi
15:45 Future scientific requirements in support of European Soil policy W. Blum



Time Presentation Title Speaker
9:30 Update on JRC/Soil and Waste unit – workprogramme 2005 G. Bidoglio
10:00 Update on Confederation of European Soil Science Societies W. Blum
10:30 Update on European Summer School E. Micheli
11:15 Technical presentation on digital soil mapping and Proposal for new working group on digital soil mapping E. Dobos, J.Daroussin
14:00 Proposal for new working group on European soilscapes F. Nachtergaele
14:15 The concept of Anthroscapes S. Kapur (E. Akca)
14:30 Soil Regions of Europe R. Hartwich
14:45 Status of the 1:250,000 scale soil mapping program in Finland R. Nevalainen
15:00 Status of the Soil Information System of the Danube River Basin B. Houskova
15:15 Information on archived soil samples for time trends of pollutants – invitation to the meeting A. Kocan
15:40 European Soil Portal : P. Panagos
17:00 Notes of Plenary Meeting of the European Soil Bureau Network held at Ispra 24 and 25 November 2004 M. Kibblewhite



Time Presentation Title Speaker
9:00 3rd Soil Atlas of Europe editorial board meeting (Overview of Progress to date) A. Jones

All the presentations can be downloaded here (Size: 250 MB)



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