ESBN Plenary 2007


The European Soil Bureau Network (ESBN) Plenary session for 2007 was held in Hannover (Germany) on 23-25 April 2007. Information about the Plenary Announcement. Find below:

The Final Programme of the ESNB Plenary 2007. Presentations are listed below.
The Final Programme of the Workshop on "Common Criteria for Risk Area Identification". Presentations are listed below

Venue: BGR in Hannover (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Stilleweg 2, 30655 Hannover, Germany)


ESBN 2007 Plenary Meeting (Presentations)

23/04/2007 (ESBN Issues and JRC Soil Activities)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
09:30 Welcome and introduction Wolf Eckelmann
11:30 Report of Steering Committee Mark Kibblewhite
14:00 Soil Activities in the JRC during 2007 Luca Montanarella
14:20 ESBN Peer Review of JRC Reports Luca Montanarella
14:30 European Soil Data Centre Marc Van Liedekerke
15:00 Soil Quality in the Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection Gergely Toth
16:00 Soil Carbon Status Indicators Vladimir Stolbovoy
16:15 Soil Visual Assessment Beata Houskova
16:30 Wind Erosion Hannes Reuter
16:45 Northern Circumpolar Soil Atlas Gabrielle Broll
17:00 European Soil Summer School: Report for 2006-2008! Erika Micheli


24/04/2007 (Mapping Soil Data and Soil Thematic Strategy) 

Time Presentation Title Speaker
09:00 Digital Mapping:
  • Endre Dobos
  • Franz Daffner
10:00 ENVASSO Update Mark Kibblewhite
10:15 Global Soil Datasets Freddy Nachtergaele
11:00 Harmonized soil information at European level: Arwyn Jones
  • Beata Houskova
  • Reinhard Hartwich
  • Henrik Breuning-Madsen
12:00 Eurosoil 2008 Winfried Blum
12:10 ESBN Workshop in southeastern Europe Ferdo Basic
14:00 The Soil Thematic Strategy : an update Nicolaas De Wit, EC DG ENV
14:30 The Soil Thematic Strategy: the EEA perspective Franz Daffner
15:00 EuroGeoSurveys Soil Working Group Andreas Gunther
16:00 Common Criteria Workshop Wolf Eckelmann
16:15 The Soil Typological Unit Dominique King
16:30 Landslides Andreas Gunther
16:45 The Ramsoil Project Tibor Toth
17:00 Soil Contamination and the ESBN Sigi Huber

 All the Plenary presentations may be downloaded here (Size: 36 MB)

Workshop on Common Criteria for Risk Area Identification (Presentations)


Time Presentation Title Speaker
09:30 Welcome on behalf of the Joint Research Centre Guido Schmuck (EC, DG JRC)
10:15 Reply from ESBN: The relevance of input from stakeholders Mark Kibblewhite
10:30 The Soil Thematic Strategy and Soil Framework Directive: an update Nicolaas DE WIT (EC, DG ENV)
11:00 Concept of Common Criteria for risk area identification Wolf Eckelmann (BGR)
11:30 Criteria for Erosion Robert Jones (Cranfield University)
12:00 Criteria for Organic Matter Decline Rainer Baritz (BGR)
14:00 Criteria for Compaction Christine Le Bas (INRA)
14:30 Criteria for Salinisation György Várallyay (RISSAC)
15:00 Criteria for Landslides Andreas Günther (BGR)
15:30 The Soil Typological Unit Dominique King (INRA)
15:50 The WRB as a tool for unifying soil information Erika Micheli (IUSS WG WRB)

 All Workshop presentations can be downloaded here (Size: 29 MB)

Other Documents: 
 The The Official Invitation

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