ESBN Plenary 2008

The European Soil Bureau Network (ESBN) Plenary session for 2008 was held in Paris (France) on 17 - 19 November 2008. During the last day, the 2008 Plenary session has organised the Joint JRC - ESBN - INRA - French Presidency Workshop "Soil Framework Directive: A real need to protect soil!" Find below:

The Final Programme of the ESNB Plenary 2008. Presentations are listed below.
The Final Programme of the Workshop on "Soil Framework Directive: A real need to protect soil!". Presentations are listed below


Venue: Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, 78 rue de Varenne 75007 Paris, France


ESBN 2008 Plenary Meeting (Presentations)

17/11/2008 (ESBN Issues and European Soil Activities)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
09:30 Welcome and introduction Dominique King
11:30 Report of Steering Committee Arnold Arnoldussen
14:30 Soil Activities in the JRC during 2008 and outlook for 2009 Luca Montanarella
15:00 Soil Studies and Soil Data Jones / Kibblewhite
15:30 Soil Atlas initiatives: Africa Jones / Spaargaren
16:00 Soil Atlas initiatives: Northern Circumpolar Arwyn Jones
16:30 SPADE 2008 Henrik Breuning Madsen
17:00 eContentplus : GS Soil Endre Dobos


18/11/2008 (European-wide soil initiatives and External activities/ESBN Working Groups)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
09:00 ENVASSO Final Report Mark Kibblewhite
09:30 BIOSoil Christine Le Bas
10:00 EUROSTAT LUCAS Soil Marjo Kasanko
11:00 RAMSOIL: Initial findings Tibor Toth
11:30 SODA Database Einar Eberhardt
12:00 SOCO Project Arnold Arnoldussen
12:30 SFD Glossary Beata Houskova
14:30 EUROSOIL 2008 outcome Winfried Blum
14:45 5th Int. Conference on Land Degradation Report Pandi Zdruli
15:00 Report of ESBN Working Groups: 3 Speakers:
  • Endre Dobos
  • Josef Kozak
  • Rachel Creamer

 All the Plenary presentations may be downloaded in a  zip file (Size: 32MB)

Joint JRC - ESBN - INRA - French Presidency Workshop on "Soil Framework Directive: A real need to protect soil!" (Presentations)

19/11/2008: Soil Thematic Strategy and emerging issues - Stakeholders opinions and recommendations

Time Presentation Title Speaker
9:00 Welcome messages from host country and organizing committee:
  • INRA
  • MAP (Ministère de l'Agriculture et de la Pêche)
  • MEEDDAT (Ministère de l'Ecologie, de l'Energie, du Développement durable et de l' Amenagement du Territoire)
3 speakers:
  • Dominique King
  • Marie-Laurence MADIGNIER
  • Marion Bardy
10:30 Status of the Soil Thematic Strategy Luca Marmo, European Commission, DG Environment
11:00 Food safety and soil quality: conceptual framework and examples Bert Jan Groenenberg, ALTERRA
11:30 Soil Biodiversity Antonio Bispo, French Agency for Environment and Energy Management
12:00 Climate change and soil protection Guy Kirk, NSRI, Cranfield University
14:00 ESBN support to the Soil Thematic Strategy Arnold Arnoldussen, Chair, ESBN Steering Committee
14:30 The importance of soil conservation José Luis Rubio, President, European Society for Soil Conservation
15:00 Soil mapping and monitoring in France Dominique Arrouays, INRA
15:30 The view of French Soil Science Society Frédéric Darboux

 All Workshop presentations can be downloaded in a  zip file(Size: 24MB)

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