ESBN Plenary 2009

The European Soil Bureau Network (ESBN) Plenary session for 2009 was held in Budapest (Hungary) on 14 - 15 September 2009. After the Plenary, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with JRC organised the Workshop "Bridging the Centuries 1909-2009" on 16 - 17 September 2009.

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The Final Programme of the ESNB Plenary 2009 and the Workshop. Presentations for both events are listed below.
The Minutes of the Plenary
The Declaration of the European Soil Bureau Network of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in support of the CST scientific style conference of the UNCCD held at COP9 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 22-24 September 2009


Venue: Szent Istvan University, Godollo, HUNGARY


ESBN 2009 Plenary Meeting (Presentations)

14/09/2009 (ESBN Issues)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
09:00 Welcome and introduction Erika Michéli
10:00 Structure and legislation of conservation of soils of Hungary Béla Pirkó
11:00 Report from the Steering Committee Arnold Arnoldussen
12:00 Soil Activities in the JRC during 2009 and outlook for 2010 and discussion Luca Montanarella
14:00 Report of Working Group 1: ESDAC and INSPIRE Endre Dobos
14:30 Outline of Discussion Forum 1 Endre Dobos
15:00 Report and discussion on Awareness Working Group Willie Towers
16:00 Report on the Soil Biodiversity Working Group Rachel Creamer
17:00 The European Soil Data Centre, the European Soil Bureau Network and INSPIRE Data Specifications for Soil Marc Van Liedekerke (Arwyn Jones)


15/09/2009 (ESBN Issues)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
09:00 Soil Map 1:250,000 (Report Working Group 2) Eckelmann Wolf
09:45 Report and discussion on Risk Areas Working Group (WG3) Mark Kibblewhite
10:20 Benchmark soils: Concept and criteria for definition Erika Micheli
11:00 Monitoring soil: the LUCAS SOIL approach? Arwyn Jones
12:00 Benchmark soils: Concept and criteria for definition Christine Le Bas
14:00 Perspectives on soil activities of the JRC-ESBN-EIONET in 2010 Luca Montanarella
15:00 Growing experiences in soil survey in the USA! Michael Golden

 All the Plenary presentations may be downloaded in a  zip file (Size: 29MB)

Workshop "Bridging the Centuries 1909-2009"

The Workshop was dedicated to the historical overview of 100 years of achievements in soil science and soil policy and the definition of goals for the next century.

Session 1: Legacy from Agrogeology

Session 2: A century of learning

Session 3: Trends in soil science and scientific communities

Session 4: Foundation for the future: Visions and responsibilities for tomorrow

 All the Workshop presentations may be downloaded in a  zip file (Size: 45MB)

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