ESBN Plenary 2010

The European Soil Bureau Network (ESBN) Plenary session for 2010 was held in Brussels (Belgium) on 21 - 22 September 2010. After the Plenary, the DF ENV in collaboration with JRC organised the Conference 'Soil, Climate Change and Biodiversity – Where do we stand?' on 23 - 24 September 2010. The presentations are available!!!

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The Final Programme of the ESNB Plenary 2010 . Presentations are listed below.
The Minutes of the Plenary are available.


Venue: DG ENV in Brussels, BELGIUM


ESBN 2010 Plenary Meeting (Presentations)

21/09/2010 (ESBN Issues)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
11:00 ESDAC & JRC work programme 2010/2011 Luca Montanarella
14:00 Establishment of ESDAC Data Quality Control Group Luca Montanarella
14:20 Using WRB to produce map legends Peter Schad
Report of Working Groups
14:40 WG1/Technical WG INSPIRE E. Dobos
14:50 WG1/Technical WG INSPIRE A. Arnoldussen
15:00 WG3 Risk area delineation M. Kibblewhite
15:10 WG4 Education and awareness raising/ENSA R. Creamer
15:20 Soil Biodiversity WG/Soil Biodiversity Atlas C. Gardi
15:30 Landslide WG J. Hervas and M. Van Den Eeckhaut
Soil Thematic Strategy
16:00 HOW the ESBN could CONTRIBUTE to BREAKING the DEADLOCK of the Soil Framework Directive (SFD) Sid. Theocharopoulos



22/09/2010 (Towards harmonized soil data for Europe)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
09:00 Requirements and use for soil data at EU level Stephen Hallett
09:40 Use cases Endre Dobos
10:00 Activities TWG Inspire Soils Arnold Arnoldussen
10:30 WG2 Update on the Data Requirements of a 1:250,000 Harmonized Map for Europe Wolf Eckelmann
11:00 Data Infrastructures: GS Soil Rainer Baritz
11:50 Wageningen Conference on Applied Soil Science Gerben Mol
14:00 e-SOTER Project: General Overview Vincent van Engelen
14:30 SOTER unit delineation using SRTM and MODIS data Endre Dobos
14:45 e-SOTER WP2 Erika Micheli
15:00 e-SOTER WP6: Development of an e-SOTER Dissemination Platform Stephen Hallett
15:15 a new digital soil map of the world Alfred Hartemink
15:45 Towards harmonized soil data for Europe/World: The e-SOTER and approaches van Engelen - Hartemink
16:00 EIONET Data Collection: 1km x 1km Raster Panos Panagos, Marc Van Liedekerke

 All the Plenary presentations may be downloaded in a  zip file (Size: 36MB)

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