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photographEuropean Soil Bureau Network workshop was held in in Zagreb Croatia in period from 28-30 September. A detailed programme of the meeting and list of participants is available. The objective of this workshop was to gather key players in the development and/ or implementation of soil protection policy, soil survey, soil monitoring and soil information systems and discuss further strengthening of collaborations between the countries of south-eastern Europe and JRC. As the final result of the workshop, a special EUR report will be produced and distributed to all participants. The workshop was jointly organized by theJRC Ispra and the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. For more information about the JRC enlargement and integration projects, please see the official website.



Dear Participants of the meeting, we hope you have all returend safely to your homes. Some of the presentations of the Workshop are available. List of participants (who is who) is now available here together with a group photo. Other photographs from the meeting can be downloaded from here (74 MB). All invited expersts (with reimbursements) are asked to forward your missing documents (together with the original of the boarding pass for the return flight) to address: "Tomislav Hengl, TP 280 JRC, 21020 Ispra (VA), ITALY". As soon as we receive all your documents we will submit them to the responsible office. We thank you for your feedback and for closely following our instructions.

Participants with a grant have accepted a responsibility to produce a 4000-6000 words long chapter, following their participation in the meeting. These will be published jointly as a special EUR report under working title "Status and prospect of soil information in south-eastern Europe: soil databases, projects and applications". The deadline to receive your chapters is set at 17th December 2006. There will be no extension of this deadline. Before submitting your chapter, please read and closely follow the instructions for authors.

 Status and prospect of soil information in south-eastern Europe: soil databases, projects and applications

Hengl, T., Panagos, P., Jones, A. and Toth, G. (eds) 2007. Status and prospect of soil information in south-eastern Europe: soil databases, projects and applications. EUR 22646 EN Scientific and Technical Research series, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxemburg, 187 pp. 
Download document: Download the Document (Size: 15 MB)



27 September
  Arrival to Zagreb
28 September
  9:00-17:30 Overview of soil information and soil protection policies
29 September
  9:30-17:30 Soil data centres and Digital Soil Mapping sessions
30 September
  Field trip (Daruvar)




  Panos Panagos (the meeting chair)
JRC Ispra, Italy, 
Tel: +39-0332-785574;
Dr Tomislav Hengl (the meeting vice chair)
JRC Ispra, Italy, 
Kristina Ferrara (the meeting secretary)
Faculty of Agriculture, Croatia,
Find below some of the presentations in the European Soil Bureau Network Workshop in Zagreb:
  Thursday 28/09/2006 
9:00 Welcome Note Pesic
Introduction - Objectives Panos Panagos
Instructions to participants Tomislav Hengl

9:30 Possibilities for cooperation in soil protection policies of south-eastern Europe Ferdo Bašic
9:50 Soil Related policies in EU: The EU Thematic Strategy on Soil Protection Panos Panagos

Overview of soil information and soil protection policies in:

10:00 - 17:30 Albania Lushaj Sherif
Bosnia & Herz. Hamid Custovic
Bulgaria Milena Kercheva
Croatia Mesic Hana
FYROM Margareta Cvetkovska
Greece Theocharopoulos Sid
Hungary Tóth Tibor
Kosovo UNMIK Afrim Sharku
Serbia Vidojevic / Manojlovic
Slovenia Krsnik Petra
  Friday 29/09/2006 

Soil Data Center

9:30 - 11:30 Danube basin soil database Houskova Beata
European Soil Portal & the European Soil Data Center Panos Panagos
SPADE 2 Hannam Jacqueline
The European perspective on soil quality Tóth Gergely
Monitoring of land degradation Zdruli Pandi

Digital Soil Mapping

12:00 - 17:30 DSM at work - the Danube basin SIS Hengl Tomislav
Topographic data for DSM applications Baucic Martina
Digital Soil Mapping in SAGA GIS Ringeler Andre
Methods for creating scale-independent, functional soil databases Bock Michael
Towards soil information for local-scale soil protection Vršcaj Borut
Spatial variations of heavy metals in soil Romic Marija
Soil monitoring networks in Austria Freudenschuss Alexandra
Protection and monitoring of soils at regional levels Klaic Domagoj
GIS and RS tools for soil and water management Mukaetov Duško

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