(25 Otober 2017)
In the context of the Estonian Presidency of the EU (second semester 2017) and the "Conference: Soil for sustainable food production and ecosystem services" (Tallinn, 5 October 2017), the JRC (Land Resources Unit - Soil Project) and FACCE-JPI co-organised a workshop on 4 October on  "Optimizing organic carbon management in agricultural soils for food security, climate change and ecosystem services: perspectives from national research to the common EU challenges".
Below you can find the agenda and the presentations.


The afternoon session involved three breakout groups: one dedicated to looking at current programmes and funding systems in the countries as a means of completing the information that was obtained in a questionnaire; one looking at research gaps and a third, exploring how integration at the EU level might be implemented. 

Several recurring themes included mapping of the current situation (including soil initiatives), data collection, harmonisation and storage, and creating an enabling environment for multidisciplinary research.

The meeting was closed by Maive Rute, JRC Deputy Director General.

A full report of the meeting is under preparation and will be distributed as soon as possible.