Primary Contact Points for soil

Primary Contact Points (PCPs) for Soil

At the EIONET meeting on Soil , held at JRC Ispra on 4-5 March 2009, meeting participants agreed on the need to clearly identify a lead institution at National level that would be in charge of networking with all the competent National institutions related to the various soil data needs as identified by DG ENV and EEA. This lead institution would also act as the Primary Contact Point (PCP) for all the future activities of ESDAC in relation to EIONET.

EIONET National Focal Points (NFP’s) were asked to indicate such a lead institution. Following is the list of indicated institutions and the persons to contact(Last update: March/2013):


Country Institute Name E-mail
Albania Agency of Environment and Forestry (AEF) Kliti Starja klitistarja at
Austria Umweltbundesamt (Austrian Environment Agency), Centre for Soil and Land management Sigbert Huber sigbert.huber at
Austria Umweltbundesamt (Austrian Environment Agency), Dept. for Pollutants and Men Alexandra Freudenschuss alexandra.freudenschuss at
Belgium Interregional Cell for the Environment (IRCEL-CELINE) Jan Voet voet at
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry on Trade and Economic Relation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Melisa Ljusa melisa.ljusa at
Bulgaria Biodiversity, Protected Areas and Soil Dept. - Bulgarian Executive Environmental Agency (BEEA) Borislava Borissova borissova at
Croatia Croatian Environment Agency Andreja Steinberger andreja.steinberger at
Cyprus Environment Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Chrystalla Stylianou cstylianou at
Czech Republic Czech Geological Survey – Geofond Dana Čápová dana.capova at
Denmark Geological Survey of Dennmark and Greenland Vibeke Ernstsen ve at
Estonia Estonian Environment Information Centre Katrin Väljataga  Katrin.Valjataga at
Finland Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) Teija Haavisto teija.haavisto at
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Macedonian Environmental Information Center in the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning Margareta Cvetkovska m.cvetkovska at
France MEEDDAT/CGDD/SOeS/MDSE Veronique Antoni veronique.antoni at
Germany Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency) Frank Glante Frank.Glante at
Greece Institute of Soil Mapping and Classification (I.S.M.C.), National Agricultural Research Foundation (N.AG.RE.F) Christos Tsadilas tsadilas at
Hungary Ministry of Rural Development Gabor Hasznos gabor.hasznos at
Iceland Agricultural University of Iceland Ólafur Arnalds oa at
Ireland Environmental Protection Agency Alice Wemaere A.Wemaere at
Italy ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale) Fiorenzo Fumanti fiorenzo.fumanti at
Kosovo under UN SCR 1244/99 Kosovo Hydrometeorological Institute/Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency Shkumbin Shala shkumbin.shala at
Latvia Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Agency Mr.Intars Cakars Intars.Cakars at
Liechtenstein Amt für Umweltschutz Sven Bürzle Sven.Buerzle at
Lithuania Lithuanian Geological Survey under the Ministry of Environment Roma Kanopiene roma.kanopiene at
Lithuania Lithuanian Geological Survey under the Ministry of Environment Virgilija Gregorauskiene virgilija.gregorauskiene at
Luxembourg Service de Pédologie from the Administration des Services Techniques de l'Agriculture Simone Marx simone.marx at
Malta Malta Environment and Planning Authority Ashley Farrugia eu.affairs at
Montenegro EPA Montenegro (Sector for monitoring, analysis and reporting) Vesna Novakovic vesna.novakovic at
Norway Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute Arnold Arnoldussen Arnold.Arnoldussen at
Poland Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection Lucyna Dygas Ciolkowska l.ciolkowska at
Portugal APA (Portuguese Environment Agency ) Jorge Santos Garcia jorge.garcia at
Romania Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development Dorina Mocanu Dorina.Mocanu at
Serbia Serbian Environmental Protection Agency Dragana Vidojevic dragana.vidojevic at
Slovak Republic Soil Science and Conservation Research Institute Jozef Kobza j.kobza at
Slovenia Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO) Urška Kušar Urska.Kusar at
Spain Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs Begoña Fabrellas Rodriguez bfabrellas at
Sweden Swedish EPA Ola Inghe Ola.Inghe at
Switzerland FOEN Fabio Wegmann Fabio.wegmann at
The Netherlands PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency Kees Schotten Kees.Schotten at
Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, General Directorate of Environmental Management Sinan GÜNHAN msinan.gunhan at
Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, General Directorate of Environmental Management Gülsevim ŞENER at
United Kingdom Cranfield University Mark Kibblewhite m.kibblewhite at

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