The Panel is organizing a series of seminars to discuss key topics it identified as priorities. Seminars are hold annually (every second year in China and in Europe). The first open seminar was organized in China in 18-20 October 2011 (followed by the SEPLS assembly on the 21st October 2011.) around the theme of food security. The second seminar was organized in Europe (Brussels) around the theme of land resource allocation.

1. SEPLS Seminar 2013 - EUROPE "Sino-EU Seminar on land resource allocation"

Time: 15th April 2013 
Place: European Commission DG Environment , Brussels, Avenue de Beaulieu – BU5 - Room C 

Presentation Speaker
Introduction; Presentation of the SEPLS report on food security Gergely Tóth (European Commission DG Joint Research Centre
Land take and soil sealing
Soil sealing in China Minghong Tang and Xiubin LI(Chinese Academy of Sciences, IGSNRR)
Soil sealing guidelines of the EU Thomas Strassburger (DG Environment, European Commission)
Sealing effects on soils Renfang Shen and Ganlin Zhang(Chinese Academy of Sciences, SSI)
Land resource allocation strategies
Land resources allocation: general trends and future scenarios - a worldwide perspective Winfried Blum (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)
Success or Failure: Evaluating the Implementation of National Land Use Planning in China Taiyang Zhong (Nanjing University)
Outlooks for Europe : Applications of the Land Use Modeling Platform Carlo Lavalle (European Commission DG Joint Research Centre)
Land resource allocation: case studies
Land System Reform in Practice of China's Urban-rural Integration Development—A Case of Chongqing and Chengdu Qingyuan Yang (China Southwest University, Chongqing) 
Land use zoning regulation of Chongqing municipality under resource-preservation and development-protection direction Cheng Wang (China Southwest University)
Towards regional development without land take - the case of Flanders Wiet Vandaele(Flanders Space Planning, Legal and Policy Development Department)

The documentation of the Sino-EU Seminar on land resource allocation:


2. SEPLS Seminar 2011 - BEIJING CHINA (18-20 October 2011)

"Food Security – Under the changing demand for land and Soil" 
       i. Land use dynamics (Special regard to Urbanization) 
              a. Lessons from the Past
              b. Scenarios for the Future
       ii. Soil as the limited resource
              a. Unilization options for food production
              b. Side effects and environment interactions
       iii. Social and Economic and Policy Implications
              a. Preferencies of the Society
              b. Economic Pressures
              c. Policy Effects