FOCUS Landscape & Mitigation

The FOCUS Working Group on Landscape and Mitigation Factors in Ecological Risk Assessment started its work in 2002.

A draft report was finalised in 2005 and has subsequently been modified to account for comments from the EFSA PPR Panel. The final report (two volumes) was formally noted in March 2008 and is available for download below. Volume 1 includes the PPR Panel opinion in full as an Annex.

Landscape and mitigation factors in aquatic ecological risk assessment:

Volume 1. Extended summary and recommendations
Volume 2. Detailed technical reviews.

"EC Document Reference Sanco/10422/2005, version 2.0, September 2007"

(March 2019) Commentary on changes to the FOCUS LM report between v1.0 and v2.0 in response to comments from the PPR Panel of EFSA on v1.0-mitigation for transfer of pesticides in surface runoff

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