SoCo Fact Sheets

The fact sheets are based on the findings of the 'Sustainable agriculture and soil conservation' (SoCo) project. They form a package of ten sheets organised around the three main topics of the project. The sheets cover the following topics:


Soil degradation processes:

Soil-friendly farming systems and practices:

Soil-relevant policies:

The public user can donwload the package of the 10 factsheets in one of the 20 languages:

  • BG Bulgarian
  • CZ Czech
  • DA Danish
  • DE German
  • EE Estonian
  • EL Greek
  • EN English
  • ES Spanish
  • FI Finnish
  • FR French
  • HU Hungarian
  • IT Italian
  • LT Latvian
  • LV Lithuanian
  • NL Dutch
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  • PT Portuguese
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  • SK Slovak
  • SI Slovene