Soil Images Catalogue (SIC)

The Joint Research Centre, IES, SOIL project in the in collaboration with ISRIC - World Soil Information presents the Soil Image Catalogue. In this Catalogue a number of Soil Images are presented (Metadata also included) and they are free for Download. In case you use those images in publications, please make the necessary References.
Dimensions of the Images: 1800 x 1200 or 1200 x 1800 pixels , Resolution: 300dpi , File Size: 1.5MB - 2.5MB .

In case you want to add your soil images to this Catalogue or if you need further information or if you face technical problems , please contact Panos Panagos.You are welcomed to cite European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) in case you use those images.

Available Images: Biological activity

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Country: Kazakhstan
Subject of slide by keyword: Biological activity
Location where slide was taken:
Soil unit according tot he 1974 FAO-Unesco Legend: -
Soil unit according tot he 1988 FAO-Unesco Revised Legend: -
World Reference Base (WRB 1998): -
World Reference Base (WRB 2006): -
Vegetation type : -
Land use : -
Crop Type : -
Description of the Picture:
id: 355Remarks: Excursion International Congress of Soil Science, Moscow, 1974