Getting started with FOCUS_PEARL

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How PEARL works

PEARL contains a wizzard which can generate FOCUS scenarios by guiding the user step by step through four screens: crops - locations - substance/applications - project.

Detailed instructions for generating FOCUS scenarios can be found in the PEARL Help (in main screen of PEARL user interface) following the sequence:

System Requirements

Operating systems:
Pearl has been tested on Win95, Win98 and WinNT 4 machines.
Pearl is likely to run on Win2000 machines. However, this has not yet been tested

Access rights:
On WinNT 4 machines it is advised to have Administrator rights.

Preinstalled software:
Pearl requires an installation of Microsoft Access 97 (users who have installed Microsoft Access 2000 OVER an existing Microsoft Access 97 installation are fine too).

Internal memory:
Pearl requires at least 64 Mb internal memory, although sometimes problems occur when viewing very large detailed output files with 64 Mb.

Hard disk memory:
Pearl requires 45 Mb for installation, and around 40 Mb for running scenarios.

Monitor with at least 800x600, at 256 colours.

The faster the better.

Known bugs
See the ReadMe.Txt file that is part of the PEARL installation package. 

Installing PEARL

The installation procedure is as follows: If you accept all defaults, PEARL will be installed under c:/program files/FOCUSPEARL.

Technical Support

The PEARL user interface contains a Help button, which gives detailed information about many aspects.

A user manual is provided as part of the software package:
 c:/Program Files/FOCUSPEARL/Docs/PearlUserManual.pdf.

Background information on the concepts can be found in:
c:/Program Files/FOCUSPEARL/Docs/PearlTheory.pdf.

Excerpt of existing model documentation related to FOCUS Groundwater

FOCUS (2000) FOCUS Groundwater scenarios in the EU plant protection product review process. Report of the FOCUS Groundwater Scenarios Workgroup. EC Document Reference Sanco/321/2000, 197 pp. Appendix E. Parameterisation of PEARL.