Installation instructions FOCUS_PRZM_2.3.1


"FOCUS PRZM Groundwater Tool version 2.3.1 (Aug., 2001)" is an updated version of the FOCUS PRZM gw tool distributed through the FOCUS webpage. Modifications were made only in the code of the PRZM shell. The FOCUS PRZM meteorological files and the PRZM model itself remained unchanged. This upgrade pack installs:

In order to keep the necessary file size for future updates small the PRZM installation has been split into separate parts (shell vs. weather files). The installation should be done in three steps: Documentation
Actual versions of the PRZM User Manual and the PRZM Parameterisation Document are automatically installed under the default path C:\FGRAT\MANUALS\ as DOC and PDF files. The PRZM Install Readme (this document) and a copy of the FOCUS PRZM webpage description (for the latest version please look into the web) are included in the zip file "FOCUS PRZM Install.ZIP" and my be manually extracted.

The FOCUS PRZM Shell may be uninstalled using the standard WINDOWS remove tools. By WIN95 these tools are provided in the "Control Panel" under "Add/Remove Programs".

Getting the PRZM Shell started
After a successful installation the shell can be started by double clicking on "FGRAT.EXE" under C:\FGRAT\ or by starting the shortcut "FPGWT" (Focus Przm Ground Water Tool) which is automatically created during the installation. The starting screen should appear including a picture of well monitoring equipment in a field. All the functions of the FOCUS PRZM Shell can be selected simply by clicking on the specific menu points. Further details are given in the actual "FOCUS PRZM User Manual".

Before starting the new shell each user is advised to read carefully the actual "FOCUS PRZM User Manual". Relevant changes have been implemented compared older version of the PRZM shell. This may effect the required operation and parameter selection. Additional information about PRZM itself can be found in the two documents "FOCUS PRZM Parameterisation" and "FOCUS PRZM webpage".

List of reported bugs (status 02/08/2001)