Getting started with FOCUS_STEPS_ONE_TWO


How STEPS1-2 in FOCUS works

STEPS1-2 in FOCUS.EXE is a true Microsoft Windows application that was developed using Microsoft©Visual Basic.

All scenario data used by the program are read in from the file "scenario.txt". This file is read protected, but it can be viewed using STEPS 1-2 in FOCUS. However, there is no possibility to modify any scenario data.

The pesticide information is stored in the file "pesticide.txt" for all compounds. Also pesticide.txt is an ascii-file, the necessary pesticide input data is stored in lines (one line per substance) with one comment at the beginning. To edit the pesticide data file just use "edit" in the menu of the main form or doubleclick at the list box).

Results are written into Textfiles (RTF-format) and stored in the subdirectory "results". The files names are automatically set using the name of the compound together with the type of estimation (step 1 or step 2). A second file will be written if step 2 simulations are performed, showing more detailed results of the simulations. The file name is also automatically chosen by the name of the compound. The extension of this file is xls allowing direct loading into MICROSOFT©Excel.

STEPS 1-2 in FOCUS: Input and Output data :

System Requirements

Hardware :


Installing STEPS1-2 in FOCUS

  1. Call FOCUS_STEPS_ONE_TWO_1.1.exe
  2. Select a directory (usually c:\STEPS1-2) and start unzipping the files
  3. After unzipping close FOCUS_STEPS_ONE_TWO_1.1.exe
  4. Call setup.exe in the 'install' subdirectory of the location where the files were unzipped
Note : On some UK-computers using Windows 2000, a problem with the print-button on the report-form has been noticed (when using this button the system sends many pages to the printer). Users who have problems with printing can remove this button (menu: edit - preferences). Instead of using the print button, the user can also copy the file to the clipboard and paste it into the word processor of choice for further printing and print.

Technical Support

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Excerpt of existing model documentation related to FOCUS Surface Water

FOCUS (2001). "FOCUS Surface Water Scenarios in the EU Evaluation Process under 91/414/EEC". Report of the FOCUS Working Group on Surface Water Scenarios, EC Document Reference SANCO/4802/2001-rev.1. 221 pp.

STEPS1-2 in FOCUS description provided with the installation files .