FOCUS_TOXSWA_1.1.1 Note 6


19 May 2004


Note 6 : Update on FOCUS_TOXSWA_1.1.1


Error message ‘I/O Error 103’ pops up when clicking the “Calculate” button in the TOXSWA User Interface to start the TOXSWA calculations. Next, the project is locked.




1. Check whether one of the error files RunID.err of the project is open in another program (e.g. MS Word). Close this file and try to start the TOXSWA runs again.


When solution 1 does not help:


2. Check at C:\SWASH\TOXSWA whether the TOXSWA_FOCUS.exe and Param.for files are present. If not, copy them back onto this directory, e.g. by taking them from another pc or a back-up made from these two files.


Otherwise re-install TOXSWA on the pc after downloading it from the FOCUS website (Note that re-installing TOXSWA does not affect the SWASH/TOXSWA database, nor all project files located under C:\SwashProjects\.)


The following reasons have been found .


The TOXSWA User Interface gives the error message ‘I/O Error 103’ when it cannot get access to a file, e.g. because the file is in use by another program, or because the file does not exist.


Related to solution 1:

The fact that one of the error files, RunID.err, of the project is open in another program probably blocks the execution of the TOXSWA run.


Related to solution 2:

Probably a DOS-box that echoes the progress of the TOXSWA run has been removed by clicking on the x in the small box located in the righthand upper corner of the DOS-box. This may have been done because e.g. the run stopped due to an error message of TOXSWA. Surprisingly, this results in deleting the TOXSWA_FOCUS.exe and Param.for files. When next, the user wants to start another TOXSWA run, the executable of the TOXSWA_FOCUS program cannot been found and the ‘I/O Error 103’ pops up.