FOCUS_TOXSWA_1.1.1 Note 3

24/November/03 : A serious bug in released version of FOCUS_TOXSWA_1.1.1:

There is a serious problem with TOXSWA runs for metabolites for D scenarios:

In some cases (not all !) the metabolite run is performed with incorrect pesticide properties. Please, be aware that this error probably has consequences for the reports and dossiers that you submitted for registration since the release of FOCUS-TOXSWA 1.1.1, i.e. since 13 May 2003.

All users are advised to check very carefully all TOXSWA runs for metabolites for Drainage scenarios, notably the *.sum files of each run in which all major input and output (including the pesticide properties) of a performed run have been written.

The following errors have been encountered:

1. Parent with one metabolite:
The metabolite run is done with the pesticide properties of the parent. So, although the runID (_m1) indicates that it is a metabolite run, the run is performed with the pesticide properties of the parent, and the parent properties are also listed in the *.txw file as well as in the *.sum output file.

2. Parent dissociating into Metabolite A and Metabolite B:
For both metabolite runs the pesticide properties are identical, i.e. both TOXSWA runs are performed with the properties of one of the two metabolite. E.g. both runs use the properties of metabolite A, or both use metabolite B.

Alterra is working to solve this problem as soon as possible, including proposing you a work-around with FOCUS-TOXSWA1.1.1 asap. We will keep you informed.