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Desertification Indicator System for Mediterranean Europe

Conditions of use
  • The Desertification Indicator System for Mediterranean Europe (DIS4ME) and database (DIS4ME Database) are proprietary products of the research project DESERTLINKS, funded by European Commission, Directorate General for Research under Framework Programme 5, Environment and Sustainable Development Programme, Contract EVK2-CT-2001-00109 and are therefore protected by Copyright Law. DESERTLINKS reserves all rights of ownership and copyright in these data.
  • Users may not i) transfer, assign, rent, lease or otherwise dispose of these data, ii) release a Product or Tradable commodity based in whole or in part on data supplied by DESERTLINKS, unless prior written agreement has been obtained, and any royalties dues have been paid, iii) reproduce any digital or numerical data other than for back-up purposes.
  • Users are required to acknowledge DESERTLINKS in all reference or publications that involve the use of DESERTLINKS methodology or data. Users must offer DESERTLINKS acknowledgement and/or co-authorship of any proposed publication arising from the use of the methodology or data. DESERTLINKS will have the right to accept this offer, allow the user to publish in his/her own right, or refuse permission to publish, if in our judgement, the publication poses a threat to the data or DESERTLINKS.
  • Although these data are subject to quality assurance procedures, we are not able to warrant the accuracy of any data supplied to the user, and have no responsibility for determining the fitness of the data for their intended use by the customer. The provision of such data carries no liability for its accuracy or reliability, and DESERTLINKS or the European Commission cannot be held accountable for any loss, damage, injury or any other occurrence arising from the use of these data.
  • Copies of, or a reference to, any publications which refer to these data or methodology should be sent to desertlinks@medalus.demon.co.uk