The European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) contains currently many soil data and information; most of the offered data are at European scale, while, when possible, links to national or global datasets are provided. 

Datasets are organized in some broad categories.

  • A first category contains the European Soil Database (ESDB), datasets that have been derived with the help of the ESDB and general European datasets that contain soil properties.
  • A second category offers data that are related to soil threats (erosion, soil organic carbon, landslides, compaction, salinization, soil biodiversity, contaminated sites, soil sealing, etc.)
  • A third category offers soil point data (LUCAS, SPADE, etc)
  • A fourth category contains data that stem from projects.

Some datasets can be freely downloaded; others will be made accessible after prior registration, through a fill-in form, indicated by the  button.

On top of the list below, there is also a handy one-page overview of all datasaets publicly available in ESDAC: the name (and link) for the dataset and a short abstract.

More information about some of the datasets in the European Soil Data Centre can be found in the following publications: