Soil Point Data

This page provides access to point data such as:

  • LUCAS topsoil data: In 2009, approximately 20,000 points (distributed in 25 countries) were selected out of the main LUCAS grid for the collection of soil samples. All samples have been analysed for the percentage of coarse fragments, particle size distribution (% clay,silt and sand content), pH (in CaCl2 and H2O), organic carbon (g/kg), carbonate content (g/kg), phosphorous content (mg/kg), total nitrogen content (g/kg), extractable potassium content (mg/kg) , cation exchange capacity (cmol(+)/kg) and multispectral properties
  • SPADE 2: As a result of some limitations of the SPADE-1 profile data for use in modelling at the European level, the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA), supported by the European Soil Bureau Network of the European Commission Joint Research Centre have sponsored the collation of a second profile database (SPADE-2) for use with the SGDBE component of the ESDB. The overall objective was to provide sufficient soil property data to support higher tier modelling of pesticide fate at the European level. This exercise resulted in a database and accompanying result, which can be downloaded from this site. SPADE-1 is one of the four components of the European Soil Database (ESDB).
  • SPADE/M: The 560 measured profiles provided by SPADE-1 in the form of separate spreadsheets have been assembled in a structured Microsoft Acess Database (.mdb format) in order to form SPADE/M. The updated version of SPADE/M is called SPADE/M v2 and incorporates a number of significant changes. This database and report can be downloaded from SPADE/M page.



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Title: LUCAS 2015 Topsoil data of Switzerland
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Author: Oihane Fernandez Ugalde, Arwyn Jones, R.G. Meuli
Year: 2019
Publisher: European Commission - Joint Research Centre

Title: Soil profile analytical database 14 (SPADE 14)
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Year: 2018
Language: en

Title: LUCAS 2009 TOPSOIL data
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Year: 2013

Title: Soil Profile Analytical Database 2
Resource Type:
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Year: 2009

Title: SPADE/M
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Year: 2004