The Soil Profile Analytical Database of Europe of Measured parameters (SPADE/M) is part of the distribution package of the Soil Geographic Database of Eurasia (SGDBE). It was created to provide a common structure for storing standardized information on typical soil profile properties of major European soils. The criterion applied to include a profile in the database was to adequately cover the range of European soils rather than to sample profiles for a statistical representation of soil properties at European scale. The typical combinations of profile parameters and morphological characteristics of the sample site were intended to support the definition of generalized rules for estimating pedological and hydrological properties of the pedo-transfer rule (PTR) database of the SGDBE. Compared to the spatial database the information on measured profiles has received relatively little attention


Since the incorporation of the profile database into the SGDBE and the release of the database in 1999 it has undergone only one change when in 2005 the information stored in separate files was transferred to a standardized format and stored in a database (Hiederer, et al., 2006). In 2008 original hard-copies on profile measurements were re-discovered at the National Soil Resources Institute, Cranfield University (NSRI). The values recorded thereon were found to differ from data of the SGDBE. To make the original data more generally available the profiles were added to the existing database. This step required changes to the structure of the database and a validation of the all entries for accurate and reliable data storage and retrieval. Figure 1 below gives an overview of the database evolution in time.

Updated version of SPADE/M (Version 2)

The new updated version 2 of SPADE/M will replace the old 15 .dbf files. Find below the main improvements introduced in the new version:

  • 64 Data Profiles could be recovered in form of hard-copies. All recovered former profile data were for plots located in England and Wales. As a resuklt the number of PLOT data has been increased from 496 to 560 and the number of Horizons from 2366 to 2656;
  • The Database Structure has been changed according to the model proposed in the Technical and Scientific Report "Data Update and Model Revision for Soil Profile Analytical Database of Europe of Measured Parameters (SPADE/M2)". The new structure is more efficient for storing soil profile data, more flexible for integrating data from different surveys, and allows better control of data formats and consistency of values;
  • The position of all French plots is now available in geographic coordinates;
  • A data validation process has been included.

Data Download

 SPADE/M Version 2 provides an integrated data structure and offers the SPADE-1 "measured" data (560 profiles) as a Microsoft Acess Format Database. Download the SPADE/M_v2. The tables are already prepared to be linked using the data model supplied in the documentation.

While the "measured" profile data from SPADE-1 are made available in digital format as separate spreadsheet files, these data have not been integrated into a single structure.


Soil profile Data Update and Model Revision for Soil Profile Analytical Database of Europe of Measured Parameters (SPADE/M2)



The geographical coverage for SPADE/M is Albania, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom.


Soil Profile Analytical Database for Europe (SPADE): Reconstruction and Validation of the Measured Data (SPADE/M). Hiederer, R., R.J.A. Jones and J. Daroussin (2006). Geografisk Tidsskrift, Danish Journal of Geography 106(1). p. 71-85. Access the paper

Contact Points

Contact points for SPADE/M are Roland HiedererMarc Van Liedekerke and Panos Panagos, JRC

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