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The European Soil Data Centre makes available the Maps of Organic carbon content (%) in the surface horizon of soils in Europe. The data are in ESRI GRID format and are available as an ASCII raster file or in native ESRI GRID format. n ESRI GRID format (also in INSPIRE Raster) and are available as a interchange file or in native format. Fill this online form ; after which you will be provided with instructions on how to download the data.

(June 2010) Download the Organic Carbon per Country (peta grams or giga tons) (Excel Format).

The result is available as a map and an explaining booklet: The Map of Organic Carbon Content In Topsoils In Europe: Version 1.2 September - 2003 (S.P.I.04.72) . Robert J.A. Jones, Roland Hiederer,Ezio Rusco, Peter J. Loveland and Luca Montanarella European Soil Bureau Research Report No.15, EUR 21209, 40pp. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg.

Bibliographical Reference:
Jones, R.J.A, R. Hiederer, E. Rusco, P.J. Loveland and L. Montanarella (2005). Estimating organic carbon in the soils of Europe for policy support. European Journal of Soil Science, October 2005, 56, p.655-671.


Download the mapTopsoil Organic Carbon Content (%) (Size: 2.5 MB, Format: PDF, Resolution: 300 dpi)
or JPEG format, Low Resolution(96 dpi) or JPEG Format, High Resolution(300 dpi)

(June 2010) Download the mapOrganic Carbon per Country (peta grams) (Size: 0.7 MB, Format: PDF, Resolution: 300 dpi)
or or JPEG Format, High Resolution(300 dpi)

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Title: OCTOP: Topsoil Organic Carbon Content for Europe
Resource Type: Datasets, Soil Threats Data
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Author: Jones, R.J.A., Hiederer, R., Rusco, E., Loveland, P.J. and Montanarella, L.
Year: 2004
Language: en