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1980-1983: Study of. Physical Geography and Geology- University College Wales, Aberystwyth (UK), graduated as Bachelor of Science;

1983-1986: PhD in Geomorphological mapping from remote sensing data in arid regions - Reading University (UK)

1986-1988: Researcher, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology-Remote Sensing Applications Unit - Bangor (UK) - Topographic correction of satellite imagery, EC Less Favoured Areas GIS.

1988-1992: Researcher, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology-Environmental Information Centre - Cambridge (UK) - First Digital Land Cover Map of UK from multi-temporal Landsat data, spectral mixture modelling of coastal sediments, Lead investigator in 1st EC Airborne Imaging Spectrometry Campaign.

1992-1993: Head GIS Unit, CCW (UK Government Advisors on Environmental Issues) Bangor (UK) - Responsible for developing and implementing GIS as operational technology in the workings of the orgainisation; Programme to digitise SSSI boundaries and Public Rights of Way in Wales for UK National Mapping Agency (O.S.)
Since 1993 scientific officer at the Commission of the European Communities, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra, Italy;

1993-1996: Environmental Informatics Unit, Environment Institute on Centre for Earth Observation, POP Sicilia Programme, Chernobyl Atlas, and application support;

1997-1998: Environmental Information Systems, Environment Institute Data and information management for large environmentally oriented projects ; GIS support and development GIS for Humanitarian Demining Managing Water Resources in Lombardia

1998-Present - Soil & Waste Unit, Institute for Environment and Sustainability: Support of EC de-mining activities in the Balkans, WWW-GIS Integration for Hydrological Decision Support in the Rhur; GIS tools for regional pesticide modelling s.

Since 2003 he has been active in the JRC action “ Soil Data and Information Systems ” (SOIL). Successful PhDs studies on N20 emissions from agricultural soil and modelling soil vulnerability to chemical contamination. Support to European Soil Bureau Network activities.

Numerous scientific publications: lead editor Soil Atlas of Europe.

Main interests are: Soil Databases, GIS, soil protection. Since 2000, IES Enlargement Contact Officer. Member of IES Scientific Committee.

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Arwyn Jones


Land Resource Management/ SOIL action


Communication Officer and GIS developer


Communication, Awareness raising, EEA SOER, Atlases