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Alberto Orgiazzi had an MSc in Plant Biotechnology at University of Torino in 2008. Then he started and received, in 2012, a PhD in Biology and Biotechnology of Fungi at the same university. His MSc and PhD projects were focused on the analysis of soil biodiversity. In particular, he investigated the fungal biodiversity in soils subjected to different managements. In order to analyse soil biodiversity he used both molecular "traditional" techniques (cloning and sequencing) and next generation sequencing technology (pyrosequencing).

Throughout his PhD he spent research periods at the University of Lion (France) and at the AGROSCOPE Research Station in Zurich (Switzerland).

In January 2013, he joined the SOIL action team of the Joint Research Centre (Ispra, Italy) of the European Commission as postdoc grantholder (cat. 30). His project deals with the development of the Global Atlas of Soil Biodiversity in the frame of the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative. 

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Alberto Orgiazzi


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