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Marc Van Liedekerke received an MSc. degree in Elektrotechnical Engeneering from the State University of Ghent (B) in 1983 and an MSc. in Informatics from the same university in 1984. He has been an assistant professor at the Catholic University of Leuven (1984-1986) performing research in the fields of medical image enhancement and industrial visual inspection. Marc joined the European Commission Joint Research Centre in 1987. From 1987 to 1993 he has been active in the emerging fields of Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Graphical User Interface programming through participation in the ESPRIT projects Archon and Kwick. Since then he has specialized in data and information management for large environmentally oriented projects, for which he integrates databases and models with Geographical Information Systems and scientific visualization components, which are then made on-line accessible in the Web environment. Through the MANSEV project, he pioneered, in collaboration with EMEA and EU pharmaceutical companies, the web-based submission of medicine applications at EU-level. From 1996-1998 he was taking care of data for the ACE2 project and associated campaign through a set of web-enabled systems. 

In 1998 he contributed to the development of Policy Relevant indicators in the domain of locally contaminated sites. In support to DG SANCO and European Member States (industry and regulatory bodies), he developed and still operates the FOCUS Information System and Helpdesk in the area of the registration of plant protection products. Marc played a central role in the development of the the EU-funded Euroharp database and applications, a research project in the area of the EU Water Framework Directive. He was at the origins of the development of the European LCA Platform, an initiative by DG ENV.

Since 2006, he is responsible for the European Soil Data Centre, concentrating on soil data management issues at EU level and taking care of the distribution of soil related data and information through digital means. In that respect, together with EEA, he is co-managing the EIONET NRC Soil network. As soil data specialist, during th eperiod 2010-2012 he was an active contributor in the technical team responsible for the INSPIRE Directive Annex-III Soil data specifications. 

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Marc Van Liedekerke


Land Resource Management/ SOIL action


Web, GIS and Database Development