Joint PhD position University of Zurich/JRC on soil Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Assessment across Europe


The University of Zurich and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission are inviting applications for PhD positions through the Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP) scheme. The CDP scheme intends to enhance the science-policy link through strategic collaborations with higher education institutions characterized by research excellence and international reputation, in order to:
• Train a new generation of doctoral graduates in science and technology with a focus on the science-policy interface, able to understand the research needs at different stages of the policy cycle, capable of providing scientific support to policy and of using transferable skills in science communication and knowledge management.
• Co-develop, co-host and co-supervise doctoral studies between higher education institutions and the JRC.
• Strengthen collaboration between the JRC and higher education institutions by promoting mutual enhancement of related skills and competences, combining existing knowledge and capacities, and enhancing networking in key scientific areas.

The PhD student will:
1) Identity the factors that regulate soil biodiversity and microbial networks across the land use gradient in Europe.
2) Identify keystone taxa in the soil microbiome and select indicator taxa for specific ecosystem functions. Test whether keystone taxa are influence by pesticides/antibiotics in the soil.
3) Investigate whether soil biological biodiversity, microbiome complexity and soil functional gene diversity and composition is influenced by pesticide/antibiotic concentrations in the soil.

IMPORTANT: Due to a technical problem previous applications got lost. Please do apply again if you already applied. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday, February 7, 2020