PhD position in “Carbon and nutrient balances as affected by soil erosion in Europe”

During the PhD, the candidate will extend the Carbon Erosion DYNAMics (CE-DYNAM) model with the
nitrogen and phosphorus cycles and perform model intercomparison exercises. CE-DYNAM combines soil
erosion, sediment deposition and transport processes with the land carbon dynamics emulated from the
global land surface model ORCHIDEE (Naipal et al., 2018, 2020).
The proposed work will make use of the recently developed high-resolution global soil erosion datasets by
the Joint Research Centre of the European Union (JRC) (Panagos et al., 2015; Borrelli et al., 2018), and a new
large European soil assessment survey to calibrate and validate the modelling tools. This survey, called LUCAS
(Land Use/Land Cover Area Frame Survey), comprises 20,000 soil samples and was launched by the European
Commission in 2009 and is coordinated by JRC.
The PhD is a collaboration of JRC with LSCE /  University Paris Saclay.
Friday, July 31, 2020