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This page provides profiles of staff working in research and operations in the conrtext of ESDAC and EUSO.

panos panagos (@PanosPanagos33) / Twitter

Panos Panagos is the project leader of AGSOL (Healthy soils for an environment and climate friendly food system). Panos has a PhD in soil erosion modelling from University of Basel, and Master in Business Administration from Patras University and an Information Technology degree from Athens University of Economics & Business. Panos lead the European and Global soil erosion assessments and contributes to modeling assessments of soil organic carbon, diffuse pollution and nutrients in soil. He has more than 140 publications in peer-review journals and he has been awarded the Web Of Science highly cited award in 2019, 2020 and 2021. He is coordinating the Working Group on “Soil erosion in relation to land degradation, climate change & food security” in the European Soil Observatory.

Scopus: https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.url?authorId=14045518900

(panos.panagos (at) ec.europa.eu)

Marc Van Liedekerke has worked for more than 30 years at the European Commission in various capacities. The last 15 years within the Soil Team, dealing mostly with soil data at European scale. He was instrumental in the set-up and maintainance of the European Soil Data Centre since 2006. He was part of the Thematic Working Group that prepared the soil data specifications for the INSPIRE Directive. He co-chaired for some years the European Environment Agency’s EIONET NRC Soil; and for the last 5 years he conducted the Secretariat of the European Soil Partnership. He is currently the Commission representative for soil data matters in the International Network of Soil Information Institutes for the Global Soil Partnership of FAO. Within EUSO, he will take care of soil data with the help of the EUSO Technical Working Group on Data Integration and Sharing, and make sure that both data and other EUSO information are communicated and delivered to EUSO Stakeholders and the public at large.

(marc.van-liedekerke (at) ec.europa.eu)

CIRCASA project - Interview with Luca Montanarella

Luca Montanarella

(luca.montanarella (at) ec.europa.eu)

Diana Vieira completed her PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering in 2015 at the University of Aveiro. She published 25 articles in peer-review journals, received 5 awards, and has an H-index of 12 (Scopus). During her research path, she was the Principal investigator of the FEMME project and supervised PhD theses, postdoctoral and MSc fellowships, participated in national and EU projects, and organized international scientific events. In the EUSO team she is dedicated to large scale post-fire soil erosion modelling, land degradation, healthy soils, and the assessment, fate, and remediation of soil pollution in EU soils.https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2213-3798

(diana.simoes-vieira (at) ec.europa.eu)

Juan Martin Jimenez is an external expert in IT geospatial systems. He is managing and updating some of the databases that feed various projects related to soil health, land cover evolution and crop land use at EU level with information from member states, satellite imagery from remote sensors and other environmental data sources. He performs analysis on these data by collaborating on products in the form of maps, graphs, dashboards and reports. He also performs tasks related to the identification of illegal landfills and analysis of polluted areas. His interests include scripting, artificial intelligence and machine learning with big data platforms. He collaborates in publishing data through spatial data servers and in the development of websites with a geographic component.

(juan.martin-jimenez (at) ext.ec.europa.eu)