EFSA Data & Tools

Information about the data and the PERSAM software tool

The first EFSA Spatial Data set (Version 1.0) was made available in May 2011 created, on the basis of the dataset provided by JRC (see Gardi et al., 2008). Some users commented on inconsistencies in the data, mainly with respect to the spatial characteristics of various layers. The JRC reprocessed all thematic layers from their respective sources. This task resulted in an update to the previous data, hereafter referred to as EFSA Spatial Data Version 1.1 (November 2012). This dataset was supplemented with data from the CAPRI land cover database (Leip et al., 2008). 

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Title: European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Data & PERSAM software tool
Resource Type: Datasets, Soil Projects Data
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Year: 2015
Publisher: EFSA and JRC