EU Soil Observatory (EUSO)

Over the next two years, the EU Soil Observatory (EUSO) will become a dynamic and inclusive platform that aims to support policymaking by:
Providing the Commission Services and the broader soil user community with the soil knowledge and data flows needed to safeguard soils
Supporting EU Research & Innovation on soils
Raising societal awareness of the value of soils


The organization and operation of EUSO is described in the EUSO Concept Note, from which is the following is extracted:

The EU Soil Observatory (EUSO) should become the principal provider of reference data and knowledge at EU-level for all matters relating to soil.
The  EUSO  aims  to  be  a  dynamic  and  inclusive  platform  that  supports  EU  soil-related policymaking.  EUSO  will  provide  the  relevant  Commission  Services,  together  with  the  broader  soil  user  community,  with  the  knowledge  and  data  flows  needed  to  safeguard  and restore soils.
The  EUSO  will  both  support,  and  benefit  from,  EU  Research  &  Innovation  on  soils  while  raising societal awareness of the value and importance of soils to the lives of citizens.
The  EUSO  will  closely  collaborate  with  relevant  EU  Agencies  (e.g.  EEA,  EFSA,  ECA)  and  Horizon Europe’s Soil Mission.
Ultimately, the EUSO will support EU policies by ensuring that the Commission is able to fully  capitalise  on  the  information  made  available  through  integrated  data  flows  by  transitioning  from  simply  monitoring  to  understanding.  In  this  manner,  the  EUSO  will  support the implementation of all soil related objectives of the European Green Deal.
To realize this vision and mission, five main functions are proposed:
  1. Support the development of an operational EU-Wide Soil Monitoring System.
  2. Establish  an  EUSO Dashboard  that reflects  the  state  of  soil  health  and  trends  in  pressures affecting soil health.
  3. Further consolidate and enhance the capacity and functionality of the European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) to support evolving knowledge needs and innovative data flows.
  4. Support research  and  innovation  through  the  implementation  of  Horizon  Europe’sMission on Soil Health and Food.
  5. Provide an open and inclusive forum that supports the drive towards a societal change in the perception of soil.