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 Latest version : FOCUS_SPIN_2.2

Package FOCUS_SPIN_2.2 (22/May/2015, 1 file)
Test Results SPIN_2.2 has been checked in combination with SWASH_5.3 according to protocol for installation and communication requirements of SWASH as adopted by FOCUS Version Control
Getting Started You need to install SPIN before SWASH.  SPIN has to be installed on a local (and not network) drive. The default directory for installing the SPIN application is C:\Program files (x86)\Pesticide Models/SPIN on a 64 bit platform or C:\Program files\Pesticide Models/SPIN on a 32 bit platform.

22/May/2015:The tool is the repository for substance properties (active substance and metabolite) and is where the transformation pathway used in simulations is defined.

17/June/2015: Warning: SPIN 2.2 contains a bug when it is run on machines which have the Danish language setting. The bug is avoided by following the procedure in the document entitled “SPIN_Bug_DanishLanguage.pdf” available here.


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