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European Soil Partnership Plenary Meeting

On 28 and 29 March 2019, the 6th European Soil Partnership Plenary Assembly will take place at FAO HQ in Rome. ESP Partners are invited to attend.

The official Plenary Assembly will be all day on Thursday 28 March and during the morning of Friday 29 March.

During the afternoon of 29 March, a Workshop (Soils4EU) will be organized on behalf of the European Commission DG Environment; you are welcome to attend as well.

One can register for the ESP Plenary Assembly on, from where also the draft Agenda is available. No separate registration is needed for the workshop.

Concerning the Soils4EU Workshop:

Soils4EU is a project providing support to DG Environment of the European Commission on soil policy. Soils4EU elaborated a report entitled “Review of economic, social and environmental impacts of and implementation barriers for soil protection and sustainable management measures for arable land across the EU” that contributes to the ESP Pillar 1. This workshop aims at presenting and discussing this report with the ESP partners and experts working in this field, with the objectives of 1) disseminating this work,  2) providing information of the state of implementation of the FAO “Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management” in EU countries and 3) gathering feedback on the topic from the workshop participants. More details on the workshop will follow.

European Commission - European Soil Data Centre and FAO GSP Italy
28/Mar/2019 to 29/Mar/2019
Conference on brownfield redevelopment in the EU

DG Environment of the European Commission will organize a conference on brownfield redevelopment in the EU on Friday 5 April 2019 in Brussels which will be hosted by the European Committee of the Regions. The rehabilitation of brownfields is part of sustainable urban development and a solution to limit urban sprawl, land take and soil sealing. During this conference inspiring policies and good practices will be presented by European, local and regional stakeholders, and the potential offered by EU funds will be explored.

See program here.

DG Environment of the European Commission Belgium 05/Apr/2019
EGU General Assembly 2019

European Geosciences Union
07/Apr/2019 to 12/Apr/2019
International Workshop on Archaeological Soil Micromorphology

The aim is an informal meeting, where participants are invited to bring their thin sections and where microscopy time and exchange of ideas and experiences prevail. Posters to present your thematic issues and problems are welcome.

Download the first circular:

11/Apr/2019 to 12/Apr/2019
Global Symposium on Soil Erosion

The Global Symposium on Soil Erosion represents a critical step toward implementing the Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management in terms of minimizing the soil erosion risk. The Symposium aims to bring science and policy together to review the status and challenges of soil erosion control. In this regard, it will provide concrete examples of effective and ineffective Sustainable Soil Management (SSM) practices, techniques, instruments and mechanisms, which would ultimately expose challenges such as scientific, technological and legislative gaps. Because of the importance of soil health in the SDGs, the link between soil erosion control the achievement of the SDGs will be highlighted and discussed.

Specifically, the symposium’s output should provide scientific and policy evidence to support decisions and actions to minimize soil erosion for increased food security, ecosystem services, and promote the restoration of eroded sites.

Participants will include representatives from UN FAO member states, UNCCD, UNDP, UNEP, presenters whose abstracts are accepted and scientists and practitioners working in related fields, representatives from NGOs, civil society, farmers associations and land users. Additionally, the symposium is called to the attention of the private sector and research institutes working on technology development for measuring and controlling soil erosion, and restoring eroded sites. Participants can register to the Symposium through this online registration. Registration will be open until 8 May 2019.

15/May/2019 to 17/May/2019
International Conference on Successful Transformation toward Land Degradation Neutrality (Future Perspective)

17-19 June 2019, Ankara, Turkey. The objective of this congress is to create a unique ground (platform) by bringing together broad groups of senior scientists, academics, experts, policy makers, young researchers and students from different national and international institutions to analyze the current and the future trends of soil and land resources; establish new policies based on the principles of land degradation neutrality and finally create a universal message for the sustainable use of world soil and land resources.

17/Jun/2019 to 19/Jun/2019
WRB Summer 2019

Globalization itself and solving the global environmental issues, as well as the unification of research and teaching on the global level require harmonization of technical languages, such as the terminology and classifications used in soil science. Rules of soil characterization and classification are an important part of such a professional language. As so many „languages” – national systems are used in the world the common Lingua Franca is needed to understand each other. World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB) is probably the best proposal to facilitate international exchange of information in soil science. WRB summer workshop is organized under the auspices of IUSS Working Group WRB by experts organizing the soil classification trainings for nearly 10 years. The aim of event is to help the beginners using WRB or enhance skills in soil classification during one day indoor and 3 days intensive field activities. The venue is in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage city of Toruń. Students, PhD students and young researches are particularly invited (but senior researchers are also welcomed).

Read more:

30/Jun/2019 to 05/Jul/2019
Euroclay meeting of the European Clay Groups Association (ECGA)

Paris (France), 1-5 July 2019. The next quadrennial Euroclay meeting of the European Clay Groups Association (ECGA) will be held in Paris (France) 1-5 July 2019 (Jussieu Campus, Univ. Pierre & Marie Curie) jointly with the 56th annual meeting of The Clay Minerals Society (CMS), and the 6th Mediterranean Clay Meeting.

01/Jul/2019 to 05/Jul/2019
Wageningen Soil Conference 2019 (WSC2019)

August 27-30th, 2019, Wageningen, The Netherlands. Wageningen University & Research is delighted to invite you to join us at the 4th edition of the Wageningen Soil Conference. As in previous editions, the aim is to discuss the importance of soils. In the 2019 edition, the focus will be on “Understanding soil functions: from ped to planet”. To do this we will adopt a new style of conference, with traditional conference talks in the mornings, followed by a range of scientific and interactive topic masterclasses in the afternoons. Masterclasses will include a range of topics linking to four themes: 1) Soil functions for society; 2) Innovative methods for measuring soil functions; 3) Modelling & mapping of soil functions across scales; 4) Can we understand synergies and trade-offs between soil functions. We also invite you to offer to lead a course as part of this week. Finally, if you would like to plan a side event or meeting in the afternoon, we can provide you with th e venue. Get together with colleagues and discuss future project proposal ideas or have a project meeting, as part of the conference.

First Circular, plus Call for Masterclasses and more info are available at

Wageningen University & Research i
27/Aug/2019 to 30/Aug/2019
WASWAC 4th World Conference

Joint internatioanl conference of WASWAC 4th WC, ISCO-20 and SCSI-4th IC .  Managing Soil and Water Resources for Climate-Smart Agriculture Toward Global Food and Livelihood Security.

The World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC) , International Soil Conservation Organization (ISCO), and Soil Conservation Society of India (SCSI)) will hold a joint international conference in 2019. This will be WASWAC’s 4 th World Conference, ISCO’s 20 th International Congress, and SCSI 4 th International Conference. SCSI will host the joint conference and other prominent international scientific and professional organizations have been invited to be co-sponsors.

Natural resources are critically important components of the earth’s life support system. SCSI has selected the Theme as “Managing Soil and Water Resources for Climate-Smart Agriculture Toward Global Food and Livelihood Security”. This theme will build on WASWAC’s and ISCO’s earlier accomplishments which encompassed the necessity and contributions of soil and water conservation and land husbandry toward sustained economic, especially agricultural growth which is paramount for food security. The unabated degradation of global natural resources exacerbates the scarcity of productive soils and the increasing prevalence of droughts adds unprecedented pressures on water resources. With the topical theme of Managing Soil and Water Resources for Climate Smart Agriculture Toward Global Food and Livelihood Security, this International Conference will be organized from 5 th-9 th November, 2019 at New Delhi, India. The conference will focus on the protection and conservation of land and natural resources for sustainable use and development. The target groups include scientists, researchers and academicians with multidisciplinary expertise, outreach and extension professionals, engineers, land users including farmers, planners and policy makers, students, NGO’s, and other stakeholders who are active or interested in the states of art and science of natural resources management. We feel proud in inviting your active participation and valued deliberations to make this international conference a successful event.

New Delhi
05/Nov/2019 to 09/Nov/2019
Eurosoil 2020 - Connecting people and soil

Eurosoil 2020 objective is to bring together leading research scientists working on soil related topics and stakeholders dealing with issues of public concern such as soil degradation and consequences of climatic changes. The important bridging role of soil practitioners to translate scientific knowledge into practice will be emphasized.

European Confederation of Soil Science Societies
24/Aug/2020 to 28/Aug/2020