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Dataset Highlights

Soil Organic Matter (SOM) fractions for 186 LUCAS 2009 soil samples (grassland, forest)


This folder contains the original measured Soil Organic Matter (SOM) fractions of grassland and forest subsamples of the LUCAS survey (2009).

 The SOM was divided by size into:

  • Particulate organic matter (POM, >53 mm)
  • Mineral-
  • ...

Applications & Services

ESDAC Map Viewer

The ESDAC Map Viewer allows the user to navigate key soil data for Europe. It provides access to the attributes of the European Soil Database and some additional data related to main soil threats as identified in the Soil Thematic Strategy. The ESDAC Map Viewer is developed...Read more

Scientific-Technical Reports

LUCAS 2018 - SOIL COMPONENT: Sampling Instructions for Surveyors

The European Commission launched a soil assessment component to the periodic LUCAS Land Use/Land Cover Area Frame Survey in 2009. Composite soil...