Soil erosion in forestland in Europe (using RUSLE2015)

Dataset (2 GIS-maps) (2016) related to soil erosion in Forestland in Europe. One map is the soil loss potential for EU28; the other map is the European Forest Cover Change for 36 European countries.
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Erosion in forestland (Europe)

Description: This study provides a first pan-European analysis that delineates the spatial patterns of forest cover changes in 36 countries. The first dynamic assessment of the soil loss potential in the EU-28 forests is reported. The recently published High-resolution Global Forest Cover Loss map (2000–2012) was reprocessed and validated. Results show that the map is a powerful tool to spatiotemporally indicate the forest sectors that are exposed to cover change risks. The accuracy assessment performed by using a confusion matrix based on 2300 reference forest disturbances distributed across Europe shows values of 55.1% (producer accuracy) for the algorithm-derived forest cover change areas with a Kappa Index of Agreement (KIA) of 0.672.

Title: Soil Erosion in forestland in Europe  (Using Rusle2015)
Spatial coverage: European Union (28 Member States) for soil erosion in forestland 36 countries for the forest cover changes
Pixel size: 100m 
Temporal coverage: 2010

Reference of source (Citations) 

Borrelli, P., Panagos, P., Langhammer, J., Apostol, B., Schütt, B. 2016. Assessment of the cover changes and the soil loss potential in European forestland: First approach to derive indicators to capture the ecological impacts on soil-related forest ecosystems. Ecological Indicators, 60, 1208–1220

Assessment in Forest harvest and effect on soil erosion

Title:Assessments in Forest lands (Detection of harvested area) during the period 2002-2011.

Description: The overall aim of the study is to perform a risk assessment of human-induced accelerated soil erosion processes in the forestland sectors of a test area of the European Union. The selected physiographic unit is Italy, which falls in a Mediterranean region particularly prone to erosion. In Italy, forestland is the second most common type of land use covering about 87,592 km² (29% of the land surface), out of which 42% is currently managed as coppice forest.

Spatial coverage: Italy. 
Pixel size: 10m 
Temporal coverage: 2002-2011

Reference of source (Citations)

  • Borrelli, P., Modugno, S. Panagos, P., Marchetti, M. Schütt, B. Montanarella, L. (2014). Detection of harvested forest areas in Italy using Landsat imagery. Applied Geography 48 , 102-111.
  • Borrelli, P., Märker, M., Panagos, P., Schütt, B. (2014). Modeling soil erosion and river sediment yield for an intermountain drainage basin of the Central Apennines, Italy. Catena, 114, pp. 45–58.

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