Soil Erosion Risk Assessment in Europe data (MESALES model) - Dataset

These Soil Erosion Risk Assessment in Europe data (2000) have been elaborated by INRA for JRC using the MESAES model and can be seen as an intermediate step towards a "state-of-the-art erosion modelling at the European scale", prior to the initiation of the PESERA project.
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Title: Soil Erosion Risk Assessment in Europe data (MESALES model)
Description: These data have been prepared by INRA (France) under contract to the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. It is one of the thematic applications based on the Soil Geographical Data Base of Europe at scale 1:1 Million.
Resolution: 1: 1,000,000
Published: 2000
More information: MESALES Model
This work was coordinated by the following INRA people : Yves Le Bissonnais, with the collaboration of Joël Daroussin, Anthony Lecour, Dominique King , Marcel Jamagne, Jean-Jacques Lambert, and Christine Le Bas.
Le Bissonnais Y., C. Montier, M. Jamagne, J. Daroussin, D. King (2002). Mapping erosion risk for cultivated soil in France. Catena, 46, 207-220

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