Applications & Services

A number of mapping services have been developed in order to serve the public user. One Important component of European Soil Data Centre is the Map Viewer which is a web-based application that allows the user to navigate the European Soil Database and other data layers hosted in the European Soil Data Center(ESDAC).

The Map viewer has also been configured as a Web Map Service (WMS), which allows WMS clients to request map layerst which then can be combined with layers coming from other WMS servers, located in other parts of the world. To guarantee interoperability, these services are based on international standards, as promoted by the INSPIRE initiative.

Web mapping applications that give access to data and information for specific soil themes (such as erosion, organic carbon content, pH, Compaction, Salinization) and to european Soil Datbase Attributes.

The ESDAC Map Viewer: allows the user to navigate soil data layers for Europe. It provides access to most attributes of the European Soil Database and some additional data layers, e.g. related to main soil threats. The ESDAC Map Viewer is developed according to standards (OGC WMS).


The Viewer integrates:

  • 70 layers derived from the European Soil Database;
  • Many soil threat data Layers

Interoperability and Web Mapping Service (WMS) :

In ESDAC, WMS services have been developed in the context of INSPIRE , compliant with INSPIRE principles and Open GIS Consortium standards. In practice, this means that many soil layers can be viewed through any Web Mapping Service Client (WMS Standalone or Web viewer, ESRI ArcGIS).

  (June 2020)  The Viewer and map services are temporarily out of order until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope to restore the functionality soon, but are unable to tell when that will be.