Carbon budget in the EU agricultural soils

C budget in the EU agricultural soils including lateral C fluxes

Soil play a significant environmental role in balancing the climate as it currently acts as a carbon sink, sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere into soil organic carbon. Using a new...

Desertification risk in Greece

Land desertification is recognized as a major threat to soil resources in arid, semi-arid Mediterranean areas. The use of widely applicable methodologies can facilitate the identification of land desertification risk spatio-temporal trends, which allows transnational comparison and support the...

Biodiversity factor in soil erosion.

New estimates of soil loss can be generated by including biological factors in soil erosion models. At the same time, the effects of soil loss on belowground diversity require further investigation. Available data and technologies make both processes possible. We think that it is time to commit...

Global Rainfall Erosivity


Title: Rainfall Erosivity in the World
Description: This map provides a complete rainfall erosivity dataset for the whole World based on 3625 precipitation stations and around 60,000...

Soil erosion by wind

The European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC) provides access to results from a new series of studies on wind erosion at Pan-European scale: 

  • Soil erosion by wind in European agricultural soils: A GIS version of the Revised Wind Erosion
  • ...

Soil Erosion Risk Assessment in Europe data (MESALES model) - Dataset

Title: Soil Erosion Risk Assessment in Europe data (MESALES model)
Description: These data have been prepared by INRA (France) under contract to the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. It is one of the thematic applications based on the Soil...

Soil pH in Europe


Spatial coverage:25 Member States of the European Union where data available (Bulgaria and Romania are not included), Norway, Switzerland, Croatia, Albania. 
File Type: Raster 
Projection: ETRS89...

Saline and Sodic Soils in European Union


Title: Saline and Sodic Soils in the European Union: Status and Potentials

Spatial coverage:27 Member States of the European Union where data available.

Pixel size:...

Natural susceptibility to soil compaction in Europe


Title: Natural susceptibility to compaction

Background Introduction: This map shows the natural susceptibility of agricultural soils to compaction if they were to be exposed to compaction. The evaluation...


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