Carbon mitigation potential and radiative agricultural land management

To reach the Paris climate targets, the mitigation capacity needs to be maximized across all components of the Earth system, especially land. Mitigation actions through land management, such as cover crops in agricultural soils, are often evaluated in terms of their carbon sequestration...

Global soil erosion by water in 2070

Land use and climate change impacts on global soil erosion by water (2015-2070)

We use the latest projections of climate and land use change to assess potential global soil erosion rates by water to address policy questions; working towards the goals of the United Nations...

Caesium-137 and Plutonium-239+240 in European topsoils

This study and maps are useful for establishing a reference base in the event of possible future fallout of radionuclides, but also for use in new studies, particularly in geomorphology. They will, for example, allow the reconstruction of soil erosion rates since the 1960s in areas of Europe...

Soil Organic Matter (SOM) fractions for 186 LUCAS 2009 soil samples (grassland, forest)


This folder contains the original measured Soil Organic Matter (SOM) fractions of grassland and forest subsamples of the LUCAS survey (2009).

 The SOM was divided by size into:

  • Particulate organic matter (POM, >53 mm)
  • Mineral-
  • ...

Maps of Soil Chemical properties at European scale based on LUCAS 2009/2012 topsoil data


Data are available for the following Chemical properties:

  • pH (measured in H2O)
  • pH (n CaCl2 0.01 M solution)
  • Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Calcium carbonates (CaCO3)
  • C:N
  • ...

Global Soil Erosion


Title: Global Soil Erosion Modelling platform (GloSEM)
Description: This map provides an assessment of global soil erosion for 2012 and 2001. We used the 250m original data to re-sample at 25km.  In this study 202...

Soil loss due to crop harvesting in the European Union

Considerable amounts of soil can be removed fromthe field due to soil sticking to the harvested roots. Soil Loss due to Crop Harvesting (SLCH) is defined as the loss (or export) of top soil from arable land during harvesting of crops such as potato, sugar beet, carrot or chicory...

Carbon budget in the EU agricultural soils

C budget in the EU agricultural soils including lateral C fluxes

Soil play a significant environmental role in balancing the climate as it currently acts as a carbon sink, sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere into soil organic carbon. Using a new...

Desertification risk in Greece

Land desertification is recognized as a major threat to soil resources in arid, semi-arid Mediterranean areas. The use of widely applicable methodologies can facilitate the identification of land desertification risk spatio-temporal trends, which allows transnational comparison and support the...

Biodiversity factor in soil erosion.

New estimates of soil loss can be generated by including biological factors in soil erosion models. At the same time, the effects of soil loss on belowground diversity require further investigation. Available data and technologies make both processes possible. We think that it is time to commit...


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